Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happiness In Your Eyes!!!

As I walked through Carter Road on a busy Sunday evening, I looked at different people walking by, people chatting in groups. It brought back lot of old memories of times spent with my friends on Carter Road. Everything seemed same, it was just that friends and the laughter and the happiness was missing!!

After sometime, I tried my way in MOD (Mad Over Donuts) and ordered a donut. As I was making my way out, there came a little kid in his mom's arm looking very eagerly at my donut with his dark black, big and sparkling eyes. I took small chocolate piece and softly placed it in his mouth and his eagerness to eat donut increased more. After eating 2-3 bites, I felt the happiness and he started clapping after eating so much chocolate.. That moment I felt happiness in his eyes and in myself.. And I was wondering that I wish I can have that child like innocence too.. :) :)

1 comment:

Nish said...

you already have that innocence in you :)